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Functional orthodontics with clear aligners according to Nuvola® and Freedom®

Dr. Alessandro Carrafiello

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A 3-hour training video designed for dentists who wish to learn more about the innovative OP SystemTM protocol.

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Find out how to solve this case combining aligners and myofunctional therapy

With clear steps and practical demonstrations, the video course shows how to solve specific cases in a simple, fast and predictable way using the innovative Nuvola and Freedom orthodontic protocol.

Dr. Carrafiello explains in detail the science behind the system and how the protocol works, sharing and commenting clinical cases.

” There is no malocclusion without dysfunction “

Dr. Alessandro Carrafiello

OP SystemTM is an innovative orthodontic protocol that combines orthodontic therapy with clear aligners, correction of lingual, breathing, orthopedic and masticatory function and muscular balance of the stomatognathic sytem.

This protocol is the first in the world which combines the use of newly designed aligners and a specific myofunctional device. Thanks to these protocols, more complex cases can be treated while also managing all symptoms, reducing the time and invasiveness of the therapy.


Dr. Alessandro Carrafiello

Dr. Alessandro Carrafiello, after graduating from Medical School, dedicated himself to the specialization of Odontostomatology and pursued an additional specialization in Posturology.

Beginning with his Master’s degree in Posturology, his vision of dentistry expanded and he created Op System, a transparent and functional orthodontic treatment protocol for the resolution of malocclusion while resolving postural pathology.

Degree in Medicine and Clinical Surgery University of Modena

Specialization in Odontostomatology University of Modena

Master’s Degree in Clinical Posturology University of Pisa

Advanced training in Orthodontics with aligners University of Varese

Director of the OP postural laboratory in Reggio Emilia

The first in Italy to experiment and publish how to combine functional devices with orthodontic techniques such as aligners

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The course

What you will learn

The video course delves into the use of the innovative OP System™ orthodontic protocol and shows how to solve specific cases in a simpler, faster and predictable way, with added benefits to all patient functions.

The Nuvola and Freedom protocol

Functional rebalancing as a guiding concept in orthodontic correction

Swallowing, breathing, chewing

The Nuvola Pro™ transparent aligners: its original features

The new Freedom™ device: its design, purpose, and integration in the technique with the Nuvola PRO™ aligners, functional characteristics

The Freedom Deep™ device and protocols

Lingual and cranial function: how a correct balance of the bone bases can be useful for orthodontics

The biomechanical and morphofunctional basis: palate and malocclusion types

How to document a case

How to set up a case: indications and integrated functional solutions

Clinical cases


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one single payment of $140

7-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Lifetime Access

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What is Nuvola Freedom™

OP System™ is an innovative orthodontic protocol that combines orthodontic therapy with clear aligners, correction of lingual function and muscular balance of the stomatognathic system.

The Nuvola Pro™ aligners are specially designed to work together with the forces generated by the exercises that the patient does by using the Freedom™ device. This allows to treat cases made complex by functional alterations, thus decreasing the use of traditional and more invasive aids.

The design of Nuvola Pro™ presents exterior lingual pins to improve tongue function and, in some cases, also an expansion palatal bar. The use of the myofunctional device introduces important cyclical forces with added functional benefits.

The protocol offers more predictable alignment but especially effective neuromuscular rebalancing.

With Freedom™ you can work both at the dental level and at the level of deeper structures such as cranial scheme, bone bases and occlusal plane.