A newly imagined aligner

Nuvola® allows you to solve orthodontic problems of functional and aesthetic nature. Following a programmed sequence, Nuvola® aligners can address simple, moderate and severe crowding.

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“Each nuvola recycles itself
in the circuit that links the visible to the invisible,
the sky to the earth, water to life.”

Nuvola OP System

Freedom and Nuvola Pro

The innovative orthodontic-functional protocol that reduces the complexity of cases with functional impairments.

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Nuvola Junior

Designed to intercept and help growing patients

The innovative Nuvola® Junior™ orthodontic protocol is capable of resolving malocclusions even at very early ages, thanks to the innovative combination of specially created aligners and functional devices

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A face scan turns into a guided volumetric cephalometry


Simplify communication between patients and dentist.


The home whitening system with Nuvola aligners.


Simulate the orthodontic result on the patient’s face in augmented reality


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“Every Man has a nuvola that protects him”



Every nuvola occupies its own space

Every nuvola is part of a cycle joining the seen to the unseen, the sky to the earth, and water to life.
There is beauty beneath the nuvole.
All people are born free under heaven and have equal right to express themselves, while respecting the Earth.
The relationship of human beings with space determines the overall condition of the Earth.
All human beings have the right to aspire to physical health, to peace, and to improving their social condition.
Everyone has a Nuvola that protects them.
Nuvole are the spaces of dreams.

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A bespoke approach to orthodontics

Every smile receives the utmost care from our Maestri Allineatori, who visually inspect aligner after aligner, model after model, and personally add their expert touch in each single case when required.


“A nuvola is the place for dreams”


Patients’ transformations are the result of technology, experience and care. Here is the collection of transformed smiles that motivates us to always do better.

Clinical cases



“Under the nuvole all men are born free”