Nuvola Junior

Designed to intercept and help growing patients

The Nuvola® Junior™ orthodontic protocol is able to resolve malocclusions at even very early ages thanks to the innovative combination of aligners and devices functional devices created.
The protocol aims to correct muscle and particularly lingual orofacial dysfunction in patients who are growing, who often have functional alterations in chewing, breathing and swallowing, and at the same time corrects malocclusion at the dental level.

Treatment respects growth and protects the positive of the treatment experience in growing children. The invasiveness of the treatment is in fact reduced through the use of Intercept for less than 90 minutes per day, and in addition, thanks to the help of aligners, the patient’s corrective movement will be controlled and predictable. Intercept makes faster expansive movements by increasing flow to the ligamentary periodontium and by enhancing the elevation of the tongue, which isthe main endogenous stimulus of palatal expansion.



Transverse, vertical, and sagittal problems​
Dental misalignment associated with a dysfunctional​
Open bite in patients both normo and hyperdivergent​
Respiratory and masticatory dysfunction​
Atypical swallowing​


Simultaneously effective orthodontic and functional resolution
Lip and lingual reeducation
Less invasive treatment
Predictable and nontraumatic palatal expansion
Clinically supervised design

Nuvola Junior

Deciduous Teething

16 months of treatment
Type of Malocclusion:  Upper maxillary contraction with lateral cross bite and skeletal bascule of the upper jaw
Treated by: Dr. Simona Bussu

Nuvola Junior

Mixed Dentition

10 months of treatment
Type of Malocclusion: Cross Bite and Malocclusion
Patient’s age: 8 years old
Treated by: Dr. Padalino

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