Attention to every detail

Every smile receives the utmost care from our Master Aligners, who visually inspect aligner after aligner, model after model, and personally attend to each case.

“Every man has a nuvola that protects him”

Our Maestri identify the most challenging details of each model and, when required, touch up, trim and smooth out each model. A carefully optimized model can produce an aligner able to comfortably fit on the teeth, even in the presence of challenging gaps or with mixed dentition. This near-obsessive attention produces the maximum comfort for the user, while achieving the correct alignment of the teeth as provided by the treatment.

During production, each aligner is coated with a thin protective film to prevent scratches and streaks. Nuvola’s Maestri then perfect each aligner by hand to smooth out roughness and sharp micro-edges. The result is a perfectly transparent aligner. So transparent that the light passes through it as if it were a thin sliver of crystal.

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