OP System

Where orthodontics meets functional therapy

Nuvola® OP System is an innovative orthodontic protocol that combines the classic orthodontic biomechanic principles of aligner therapies with those of functional orthodontic therapy.

To simplify the approach, two new instruments are used within the protocol: the Nuvola Pro™ aligners and the Freedom™ myofunctional device.

The special design of the Nuvola Pro™ Aligners makes it possible to control and exploit the centrifugal forces of the tongue, making upper arch expansions easier also thanks to the sectorial expansion zones.
The presence of proprioceptive stimuli for the tongue makes it possible to reprogram its position within the oral cavity on the one hand by exploiting its intrinsic strength and on the other hand, in case of dysfunction, by cancelling its highly dislocating action.

Nuvola PRO

Lingual PIN

The lingual pins on the Nuvola® Pro® aligners serve to direct the tongue towards the physiological area of the retroincisive papilla and act as an important “pull” for improved lingual perception and dynamics.

Push Areas

Nuvola® Pro® aligners feature force lines built into their design, specifically conceived for group.
For the first time, lingual function is the focus of aligner therapy


The Freedom™ myofunctional device, when used with its appropriate protocols, makes it possible to reprogram muscle memory, finalise cases with decreased use of classic aids, enhance muscular performance in hypotonic subjects by assisting intrusive movements, and to oppose the muscular slingshot of the labial muscles.
Freedom™ is a device that leads to the balanced contraction (not conditioned by malocclusion) of the pterygoid muscles, along with other muscles of mastication. The synergistically developed force will lead to a centrifugal tensive effect, directed posteriorly and externally.

Decrease the complexity of cases with functional alterations

Using Freedom™ e Nuvola Pro™
you can treat cases made complex
by functional alterations

  • Resolutions of Class II and pseudo Class III cases
  • Deep Bite
  • Unilateral and bilateral crossbite
  • Fstrong transverse discrepancies
  • Open Bite from tongue thrusting
  • Malocclusions from lingual dysfunction

With Freedom™ e Nuvola Pro™ you can treat cases that would otherwise require more complex therapies


  • Solve more cases
  • Greater patient comfort
  • Less invasiveness and shorter time
  • Lingual function in the centre

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